Battle of the Sexes

Event: Battle of the Sexes
Date: 03/03/13
Categories: 5K, 10K

This run was unplanned. The night before the event, Kuya Bryan (FFS) of Team Alpha1 called and offered me free 10K race bibs (without the singlet). I willingly accepted the offer since I wanted to try if I can beat my PR for 10K. He had two extra race bibs and wanted me to invite another friend. I had initially thought of inviting my sister since she and Kuya Bry were classmates during high school. However, I remembered my sister posting on her Facebook that she was going out-of-town. So I just invited Sab (my high school classmate) to run with me.


I arrived early at McDonald’s (our designated meet-up place) and had my breakfast there. While waiting for the person in charge of giving out the bibs, I met with some of the members of Team Alpha1. Kuya Bry introduced me to Martian and SprintingSwine.

Upon receiving the bibs, Kuya Bry asked if I wanted to run with them. My initial reaction was “I can’t run with these guys! These guys are podiumers! I’m not even sure I can keep up with them for a mile.” But, I just told them that I’ll be waiting for Sab and just run with her instead.

While Sab and I are on our way to the starting line, it started to drizzle. I almost backed out since I didn’t want to run in the rain, but for some reason, my feet kept walking. I just hoped that I wouldn’t get sick since it was exactly two weeks before RU1.

The females were the first to run. Their gun start was 10 minutes earlier than the guys, so I wasn’t able to run with Sab. While waiting for our turn, it started to rain really hard. I was really on the verge of walking out of the starting line to find shelter, but I was too late, the countdown for our gun start had started. I had no choice but to go with the pack. There were few runners lined up for 10K, so I guess it was going to be a good run regardless if it rains or not.

Since it rained, my attempt to break my PR for 10K had vanished. I just stuck with my normal pace and considered this run as a maintenance run. After finishing the first loop, I suddenly remembered that running in the rain is one of the to-do things in my bucket list. So I just enjoyed it even though my cough was starting to get worse. HAHA

Finished the race in 1:07:xx. On the other hand, Sab finished her second 10K in 54 minutes. Wow! Sab did a sub-55 for a 10k. I’m so proud of you, par! 🙂


It turned out that running in the rain is actually fun and refreshing! I will definitely do it again. 🙂


PhilHealth Nationwide Run 2013 (Dagupan)

Event: PhilHealth Nationwide Run (Dagupan Leg)
Date: 02/17/13
Categories: 3K, 5K, 10K, 18K

PhilHealth Nationwide Run was the first simultaneous run held in the Philippines. PhilHealth celebrated their 18 years of service to Filipinos, thus making the 18K category their longest distance.

Before seeing this event last November, I’ve developed this craving to join races outside Metro Manila. I’ve initially planned to join in this event alone, and since I’m also from Pangasinan, I’ve concluded Dagupan as my destination. But some of my teammates grew an interest in joining out-of-town runs, so I’ve offered my aunt’s house in Lingayen as a place for us to stay.

This is such a huge project to organize that made it prone to disappointments. A couple of days after they’ve officially opened the registration, I went to Robinsons Bank Eastwood to enlist, but to my surprise, they were not informed about it. Good thing, one of my friends (Charm) knows someone working at PhilHealth Regional Office (Dagupan). Since Charm also planned to join this run, she generously offered to register me.

Roldan, Karl and I are registered to run 18K, while Allen and Eunice will run 10K. The saga between where-to-claim and when-to-claim the race kits almost went endless. My friends got their race kits 10 hours before the event proper. Charm got mine weeks before so she just handed it over to me.


This is it! My first out-of-town run with my running buddies. I was the slowest in our group, so I’ve always been ambivalent whether to run side by side with them. Roldan wanted to do podium finish so that just leaves me and Karl.

Karl and I ran the same pace until KM 10 only. He had to increase his pace and had me eat dust to set a good PR for 18K. LOL. So I came in last amongst us three. Oh, Roldan wasn’t able to do podium since he felt the need to go to the toilet halfway through the race. HA HA!

I was already exhausted at KM 13. My legs felt the urge to just walk until reaching the finish line. But because the roads remained open to vehicles and people tend to stare at you while running, I was too ashamed to be seen walking. Talk about ego! HA HA! I had no other choice but to keep running. Finally, I can see the finish line! Oh but wait, these baboons started pulling down the FINISH signage. I wanted to shout with my last ounce of remaining energy to tell them that there are still runners left behind. It was such a disrespect for us. Also, I almost did not get my medal because of their last-minute change of cut-off time. The cut-off time was supposedly 3 hours and 30 minutes, but they changed it to 2 hours. So I did the walk of shame on my way to the stage. I was too exhausted that I had no more room for another disappointment.

L-R: JC, Roldan, Karl

In conclusion, unless my friends ask me, I will never run in Dagupan again. Let this be my finale.

My First Half-Marathon (The Condura Skyway Marathon 2013)

Event: The Condura Skyway Marathon
Date: 02/03/13
Categories: 3.8K, 6K, 10K, 21K, 42K

I have registered for my first half-marathon as early as November 15, 2012 (first day of registration). I got there and was surprised to see few registrants, and it wasn’t what I have expected. I was nervous while filling-up the form (I know deep inside I wasn’t ready, not then and not after some time). But hell, I wanted to prove to myself that I can do it.

A little over two months of preparation isn’t enough for beginners like me. So I’ve searched for free online training programs. Luckily, I’ve found this plan that’s just suited for me (I was looking for something that doesn’t require too much weekly mileage). Although, I have to admit, I ain’t that kind of trainee who diligently follows certain training programs. I’ve skipped most of my weekly targets. The farthest I’ve ran before the event was 10 miles (that was a week before my first half-mary) since I have to taper a few days before the race day.


I was too excited the night before so I had slept for only three hours. I woke at 12 midnight to re-check the things I need. I’ve met with some of my running friends (Rodel and Enrich) on my way to the venue. We arrived an hour before the gun start. The uneasiness I had while on the bus had vanished.  We met with Thirdy (PEx Runners’ president) and some members. Thirdy, CJ and I are from Wave A. While walking our way to the starting line, I got all excited. I felt that I’ve been running half-marathons for a while now.

On our way to the starting line

There isn’t much to say after the gun start since I ran my first half-mary the way I had visualized it (no injury, unwearied, right pacing, time goal). I was even expecting to finish it in more than 3 hours, but I’ve finished it in 2:36:04. So all is well for my first half-mary.


Condura Skyway Marathon organizers did a hell of a job in organizing this event. A lot of hydration, support crew/marshals are friendly (most of them greeted us good morning). Bananas along the way and ice cream right after the race. Plus the medal is lavishly beautiful. I loved it the moment I saw it. He he!


My brother called me while on my way back to the runners’ village. I was surprised that he saw me with all the people wandering around the village. He said that, he easily spotted me because of my running attire (I guess that is one of the perks of dressing differently during race days.)

I immediately went to the booth to claim my oh-so-beautiful-medal. And it wasn’t just beautiful, it was huge. I wore it the entire time I was in the village.

My First 21k Medal

Running my first half-marathon was one of my unforgettable moments in life. I am lucky to be blessed with physical and mental endurance. Not all can run 21K, right? 🙂

52045 40825 52478 40060

Proud Finisher!

Proud Finisher!

Enviro Run

Event: Enviro Run
Date: 01/27/13
Organizers: Team Phoenix
Categories: 5K, 10K, 16K
Chip Time (unofficial): 1:45:xx

Finally, I get to blog my running experience for Enviro Run. My connection was down for more than 2 weeks and it’s been a pain in the ass to rent computers from internet shops.

As most runners know, Ortigas route has the most uphill and dowhill course in Metro Manila. This is mainly the reason why I’ve decided to join this event, and to practically train my body for my first ever half-marathon race on Feb 3–The Condura Skyway Marathon.

The farthest I’ve ran before the race was 12k, and that’s for my regular training. I have stopped running a week before to have time for my core training as preparation for the ascents and descents of the course.

Race Day:
That morning, I felt that I am in good shape. I was filled with positive vibe while approaching the starting line. Also, I was elated to see Bearwin Meily hosting the event, sharing helpful tips about running.

The gun was fired exactly the time they had stated (plus point for that). I just went on with my pace. I was really feeling good. I didn’t mind the ascents and descents at all, in fact, I ran all the way up without decreasing my pace (I guess my training paid off). I saw a bunch of runners stopping upon reaching the mid-part of the uphill, and gasping for air.

We’re done with the first loop of the course, and still feeling strong. Same goes for loop two. However, the worst started while at the 2nd loop. Water stations ran out of hydration, marshals went missing, lack of KM markers. 16k runners intersected with 10k runners which resulted to confusion on where to head.

Despite all the mess happening that moment, I remained positive. I still went on with a goal to finish strong. Unfortunately, while on the third loop (final loop), some of us got lost. 16k runners are suppose to turn right instead of heading toward the uphill again. I headed straight instead of making a right. Only then I realized that I am lost when I saw only few runners running on that road. I was trying to check some of the runners I passed by before the right turn, but failed to see them. I still ran and ran. Finally, I’ve caught up with them, I was starting to see familiar faces, and it looks like I was on the right track again. Sadly, I’ve wasted approximately half a mile because of the incident.

528773_597685893580026_1237615645_n.jpgFinished the race in 1:45. I immediately went to claim the medal and finisher’s shirt. I was too excited since this will be my first medal and finisher’s shirt. But then, the guy from the claiming area said that they’ve ran out of finisher’s shirts. “Wow!” That was the only word I sarcastically uttered to the guy. They said that the rest of the shirts will arrive shortly. I waited for almost twenty minutes when Bearwin announced that finishers can claim their shirt after 2 days, and can claim them at the place they’ve registered. Wow, these guys are clowns! They sure know how to organize an event.

So I just went home, but not too disappointed. I just thought of this run as a preparation for my first 21K.

16K Finisher's Medal and Customized Bib for early registrants.

16K Finisher’s Medal and Customized Bib for early registrants.

A couple of days after, Enviro Run organizers announced on their Facebook page that we can just e-mail them a copy of our race bib to claim our finisher’s shirt. Shirts will be delivered at your doorstep upon receiving the mail. Mine arrived a day after I sent the email. I didn’t bother taking a picture of it since the quality and print of the shirt were poorly made.

PSE Bull Run: Takbo Para Sa Ekonomiya

Event: PSE Bull Run: Takbo Para Sa Ekonomiya
Date: 01/13/13
Categories: 5K, 10K, 21K

I was so excited to run in this event since this will be my first run for this year. Although I am not confident that I’ve fully recovered from my recent injury, and that I’m afraid it might get worse. Nevertheless, my passion for running kept me going.

I woke up early (2:30 AM) so I wouldn’t miss drinking coffee, and also to have enough time to re-check my things. To be honest, I was a bit nervous that my injury would act up and cause me trouble again. I don’t want to experience the same pain I’ve felt last December 30.  I hoped, though, that the compression calf sleeves that I’ve purchased would help ease the pain in case something terrible happens.

The time has come. I was with Karl and Eugene while waiting for the gun start. I think the three of us run the same pace. We were running side by side during the first 15 minutes. However, I started to feel pain in both my shins (not again!) a few minutes after that. I tried to stay positive and ignored the feeling, but the pain is too persistent. I started to get left behind by the two. I’ve slowly dropped my pace to see if it would lessen the pain, but unfortunately, it did not. I had to walk after climbing Buendia flyover. I was starting to feel uncomfortable walking so I had to stop to stretch again. I did the run-walk for almost 20 minutes.

While passing through McKinley, the compression sleeves began to do its job. The pain started to diminish, and I felt that I can return to my normal pace. Since then, I hadn’t stopped running until reaching the finish line. I was hopeful to catch up with Eugene and Karl, but they were too fast. HA HA! The result was a bit disappointing since I wasn’t able to set a new PR for 10k, but still, I’m grateful to have finished it.

Chip Time: 01:16:30
Personal Record: 01:04 (36th Milo Marathon)


Lastly, I want to extend my deepest condolences to the family of Sir Romel F. Defeo (Sigue Correr Runners President). Sir Romel passed away  today (January 13, 2013) due to Cardiac Arrest – Hypokalemia.

Thanks to Pinoy Fitness and Manghusi PhotoShop for the photos!

A not so good year-end run.

It’s the holiday season and with all the good and tempting foods, I wanted to test for myself if what they say about Christmas for runners is practically a cheat season–eat all you want, you can always burn them anyway.

Before leaving Manila, I’ve told myself countless times to lessen my food intake. I sounded very reassuring that time. All of my relatives aren’t into physical fitness so they don’t give a damn about healthy diet and guilt-free foods. They always serve food that will make your tummy go wild and crazy but would make your nape hurt. Ha ha ha! So I ended up committing one of the seven deadly sins, Gluttony.

My first run in the province was with Charm, that was a day after I have arrived. I wasn’t really motivated to sweat since Charm was the one who had requested to run. I only ran six loops and Charm ran four. We had to get going since we have agreed to have dinner with the rest of our friends.

Our next run was a couple of days after, but this time, Ralph and Melissa came with us. Again, I wasn’t motivated to run, and I don’t know why. Maybe because I have wanted to take a break from running and just enjoy my vacation. I just stayed there and watched them run. While watching them run around, I suddenly felt the urge to get on my feet and joined them. After one loop, I felt something painful. I tried to ignore it but the pain drastically increased. I stopped at loop three.

After our session, we went ahead to grab some bites. I remembered having seen a banner about a fun run on December 30 that will be held in Binmaley and told Ralph about it. Luckily, he agreed to run with me and also asked Teof, one of our batchmates, to join. The categories are 5k and 10k. Ralph just wanted to try 5k since it’s his first time running that far. Teof and I agreed to run 10k.


5K – P300 (inlcudes cap, Talk ‘n Text sim card and certificate)
10K – P500
(inlcudes cap, Talk ‘n Text sim card and certificate)
* The rates are actually too steep, considering the location is in the province.

Race Day:

The time printed on the banner was 5:00 AM. It wasn’t specifically indicated whether it’s the gun start or assembly time. So just to be sure, I arrived at 4:45 AM, but to my surprise, NO ONE’S THERE! I was worried that the event was canceled so I sent a text message to the organizer and asked him where they are and if they’d still go on with the event. He replied with “We’re on our way”. Seriously?! I don’t know whether to laugh or get pissed. I just remained calm and waited for them to arrive. They arrived past 5:00 AM. Good job, mister organizer.

It’s almost 6:00 AM and there were only eighteen runners lined up. Oh by the way, Ralph and his cousin were late. Good job, Rap!  I, then asked the organizer how many would participate in the 10K run. He proudly stated “Just the two of you”. These guys are really full of surprises, they should have named the event as Surprise Fun Run. Anyway, Teof and I decided to downgrade to 5K instead.

There was no “gun start” but there was “shout start”. The organizer shouted the four magic words that would make me hate running in the province again. He shouted, 3….! 2….! 1….! GO! Off we go.

423757_4235753927444_515681189_nFrom L-R: Teof, JC, Ralph

I have enjoyed my first few minutes of running. The view was scenic and the air was so fresh. After almost two kilometers, I have felt the same pain as before. Both my shins have started to hurt again. For some reason, I didn’t want to stop yet. I was in second place and  felt that I could go on with this pain for three more kilometers. The guy in the third was too far from me which boosted my confidence. After 500 meters, I had to walk. I was already in excruciating pain. The guy in the third was starting to overtake me, so I had to start running again. After another 500 meters, I had to walk again, but this time, the guy really did get past me. I walked for over three minutes. I have done this routine until reaching the finish line. I ended up in 4th place with a time of 36:40 (at least that’s what my watch showed). It was like the first time I ran a 5k. I was so disappointed with the results and the event. There were no water stations, no KM markers and no timer.  But there was this guy riding a motorcycle and handing over the water bottles to us.

That was not the race I expected, and that was indeed not the year-end run I had hoped to accomplish. I never wanted to close the year with an injury. 2012 is one of the worst years for me.

End of an era, start of a new beginning


My first legit run. This photo was taken last October 2012.

Many had wondered as to why I started running, but few of my friends and relatives actually know the reason behind this. I just got out of a very long relationship, and getting over a break-up is the hardest thing to do (well, at least for me). I’ve often caught myself staring blankly at the wall, and I guess it’s pretty obvious why. I was mindless and pathetic. I have then decided to do something productive and worthwhile. I started going to the gym, but I realized that there’s something missing, I NEEDED TO LOSE SOME POUNDS!, and if I continue this process I’d definitely look like Johnny Bravo. There’s no way I’m going to be like him. (for some of my friends, I think they’d somehow know what I mean. HAHA!) So I’ve decided to lose some weight and start running.

As a smoker, I knew that Running is a sport that will drag me to hell. My first few weeks of running was a struggle. I could hardly run for 3 straight minutes (don’t worry guys, I’m still smoking up to date HAHA!). I’ve searched for training programs online, and found this walk-run plan. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. The program gradually helped me increase my stamina and endurance. Later on, I found myself running for an hour without stopping.

It does not matter how slowly you go, so long as you do not stop – Confucius


Race Event: Ensure 2 Endure
Race Date: October 21, 2012
Race Category: 5K

Thanks to RunRio (event organizer) for providing the best quality running experience. 🙂